All the songs in this digital album are original - the melodies are catchy, and the songs are fun to sing.

Sharon's songs are what make her classes popular with parents and their children.

See Parent Testimonials below.

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Songs in this album:

Good Morning 早上好

We Love School 我们喜欢上学校

Hello, How Are You? 你好, 你好吗?

My Face 我的脸

The Number Song 数字歌

Thank You, You Are Welcome 谢谢,不客气

Please 请

Sorry 对不起

Goodbye 再见



🎤 DOWNLOAD album:

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Songs in this album:

Spring is Here 春天到

My Pets 我的宠物

Winter Snowflakes 冬天的雪花

Owl 猫头鹰

Hand Washing 洗手歌

Exercise 运动歌

Consonant Song 声母歌

Insects 昆虫歌

Mermaid 美人鱼

Rainbow Sister 彩虹姐姐


These are songs from the albums

" ...I often catch my kids humming tunes they learned afterwards. It's a great way to introduce Mandarin and cultural exposure for both speakers and non-speakers..."  - Carol O. 

"...The songs used to teach Mandarin, many of which Sharon composed herself, are infectious and fun to sing.  Frequently, my daughter asks to sing songs learned in class..." - Jennifer Galassi

"... I find her singing the Chinese songs at home and repeating the vocabulary while playing pretend..." - Mariell Ramirez

"...The songs we have learned have really helped my son cement the small amount of Mandarin he has learned at home, in addition to teaching him (and me!) new words..." - Mei O.

"... We love the class and love the songs. Sometimes the songs stay in our heads for the rest of the day and for many days after!!"  - Amy Tsugawa