Gift your child with the beauty of language and music!

Want to introduce a foreign language to your child? How about learning it through a fun and novel way? We offer Mandarin Chinese early childhood music and movement classes.



Chances are when you were little, you sang the ABCs to learn your alphabet and you can still remember many songs you sang in your childhood. Mandarin is a tonal language so music is especially effective in helping one learn this language.



In our classes, we sing, move, play instruments, tell stories, and use puppets. We learn the four tones of Mandarin through instrument-play. By employing these different modalities, our classes will appeal to all types of learners - visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile. Ms Sharon provides live music with her acoustic guitar and other instruments through a carefully developed curriculum and many original songs.



These classes are suitable for children 7 and under. You do not need prior knowledge of Mandarin as the teacher will explain in English and may use basic ASL during class. Song sheets are provided beforehand to enable non-native Mandarin speakers to follow along. Ms Sharon will tailor the class according to the Mandarin fluency of the class and both native and non-native Mandarin speakers are encouraged to join.


Edited clip from a class

I was interviewed in 2015 in Chapel Hill, NC where I founded Heart Strings Mandarin.
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"My daughter just completed a year's worth of Heart Strings Mandarin classes with Sharon.  I'm not sure who enjoyed the classes more- my daughter or I!  In every class, Sharon's knowledge of second language acquisition and best practices for teaching were evident.  Classes are fun and interactive.  Sharon uses puppets, musical instruments, the always popular parachute, and numerous other props to engage her students and reinforce concepts.  The songs used to teach Mandarin, many of which Sharon composed herself, are infectious and fun to sing.  Frequently, my daughter asks to sing songs learned in class.  We have really enjoyed the classes and highly recommend them!  You would be hard pressed to find a teacher as approachable, friendly, and passionate about teaching Mandarin to children as Sharon 师." 

 - Jennifer Galassi

"We are a Spanish speaking family and my 3 year old daughter goes to a Spanish immersion preschool. She speaks both English and Spanish. But on Saturdays we go to Ms. Sharon's Chinese music class and she loves all the songs and games  they play. I find her singing the Chinese songs at home and repeating the vocabulary while playing pretend. It is very exiting to see her growing and learning three languages. We appreciate the interactivity of the class. In half an hour Ms. Sharon manages to do puppets, story book, instruments, group dancing, parachute, games and many songs. Ms. Sharon is an amazing teacher and we enjoy bringing our daughter to her classes."

— Mariell Ramirez

"Sharon老师的课形式上和Music Together、Gymboree相似,有唱歌跳舞玩乐器及互动环节。不同之处是,Sharon用唱歌和游戏的方法教小朋友们简单的中文词语,寓教于乐,小朋友们学得很开心。我女儿已经上了两次,她很喜欢Sharon老师,我们还会一直上下去。

Sharon is a wonderful teacher. My daughter loves her. Sharon's classes are similar to those offered by Music Together or Gymboree, e.g.  singing, dancing, playing instruments, but has the unique component of Chinese teaching. I'm a native Chinese speaker and have been quite frustrated teaching my kids Chinese. In Sharon's class, I found (surprisedly and happily)  for young children it's an effective, fun way to learn Chinese through songs and rhythms. We've been in the class for two sessions and will continue!"
— Ya
"My son and I look forward to attending Chinese music class every Monday morning. My son loves Teacher Sharon and will say her name repeatedly on the way to class. The songs we have learned have really helped my son cement the small amount of Mandarin he has learned at home, in addition to teaching him (and me!) new words. Sharon does a great job of keeping the children entertained, and she writes out the song lyrics in both Chinese and pinyin so that native and non-native Mandarin speakers alike can follow and sing along. I highly recommend Sharon and Chinese music class! "
— Mei
"My 3 year old daughter and I have been to three classes of the "Courtesies and Greetings" series and we are enjoying every minute.  Sophie is drawn into the music and dancing and in this week's class she started singing -- in Mandarin!  She is also using some of her Mandarin at home to teach her father, brother, and sister.  Ms. Sharon uses just enough English for English-speaking parents to understand what her objectives are and what the meaning is in a song or book.  The children get to use a variety of instruments as well as puppets when singing or acting out a song.  Sharon teaches to a variety of learning styles in every class and maintains a fun, relaxed tone throughout. "
— Jill S.
"Sharon老师的拼音(pinyin)教学十分独创,天才,从未听说过.  光这一点就值得来上课."
— Hong
"I really liked how all parts of the class related to each other. For example, the first song taught the Mandarin words for various family members such as mommy, daddy, brother, sister, etc.. Then, later in the class, Sharon read a funny story about family members and their car. Hearing these Mandarin words in a song and then again in a story helped to reinforce learning them."
— Lisa S.
"My two year old loves attending Heart Strings Mandarin (HSM) classes and is singing in Chinese at home.  Not only is my two year old learning Chinese but I am too. We have covered many useful subjects, such as greetings, numbers, animals, and family members.  I am a parent of a Mandarin Dual Language (MDL) student and so excited to have found HSM! Sharon’s teaching style has made Chinese much easier for me (a native English speaker) to understand (especially hearing tones and reading pinyin).  I have found HSM to be great exposure for the siblings/ parents of MDL students and children hoping to enter a MDL program! Plus my MDL student loves that her Mom & little brother are starting to understand her as she speaks Chinese at home."
— Amie Lindquist

"What my daughter has learned over the last 8 months is mind-boggling. She knows the words to songs and sings along enthusiastically in class. I can hum a tune and she'll jump in with the words. She and her older brother (in the Mandarin DL program) can sing some songs together. They compare vocabulary they know for family members, animals, and colors. They like to have a new and special language they can share.  The combination of characters, music, and movement in Heart Strings Mandarin classes is age-appropriate. It warms my heart that she's picked up so much so quickly and that our two children have a shared experience though they're learning separately."

— Alyssa Crockett

"I highly recommend!!! What's a better gift than another language for your child? It's a wonderful experience that shouldn't be missed."
— Erin Seu


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